The Pictures Of Abandoned Wwii Bunkers

Urbex | fully stocked abandoned Soviet Cold War Bunker

☣️ Abandoned WWII bunkers from Haunting Images ☣️

What does it take to survive in an abandoned nuclear bunker?.

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Abandoned Bunker and Lost Places around Europe

Imagine your backyard America with all the rust from abandoned WWII bunkers...all the way down to the sewer lines.

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Abandoned and Lost Bunker Locations Around Europe

An underwater WWII bunker on the Yarra River? A famous abandoned corner of scenic Buchan Street? A secret tunnel near the Pentagon? Get your history fix and solve some puzzles by exploring more than just your average WWII bunker on our new YouTube channel!.

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☢️ Discover the history of bunkers ☢️

Urban explorers find a World War II bunker abandoned.

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Images of Abandoned WWII Bunkers ★★★★★

While some bunkers lay abandoned, others still remain as protective barriers against bombs and missiles.

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Visit a bunker from the Cold War era

Abandoned War Bunkers Exposed! Stunned witnesses find bunker doors open, inside littered with junk, floorboards gone, 'monsters,' human bones.

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☣️ Haunting Images of Abandoned WWII bunkers ☣️

Abandoned Soviet Cold War Bunker that's been fully stocked.

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See abandoned World War II bunkers ★★★★☆

World War II Abandoned Places explores more than bunkers. Our goal is to show the history of innovation, help to preserve the history of the 1940s, and also understand the future of the present.

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Abandoned Cold War Bunkers ★★★★☆

Construct a themed hotel, restaurant, bar, and pool with vintage WWII Era furniture inside the bunker, then release a viral video of visitors discovering the abandoned bunker.

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☭⃠ Get your own Cold War Bunker Tour ☭⃠

A company called "Growing to You" that cleans up and preserves bunkers from World War 2.

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Explore abandoned bunker and lost places ★★★★★

Abandoned Cold War Bunker Sites: A Photographic Tour.

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☢️ World War II bunkers ☢️

Oddly enough, the best abandoned Cold War military remains are found in places which were never actually involved in the Cold War. These are the bunkers, one of the greatest inventions of the Cold War era. These mysterious places were supposed to house nuclear weapons in case of an attack, but now the Cold War era has ended, leaving plenty of bunkers for curious visitors to explore.

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⚛️ Abandoned cold war bunker ⚛️

"In response to my craving, they sent me a list of abandoned bunkers from the WWII era. I traveled from France to Italy to seed a kind of "whispering forest, " a bunker where the sound of the blasts from the bombs is what sends the synchronizing pulse to the individual cluster of trees that spring from the ground, over and over again." – Emily Harrington.

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history, Cold War, bunkers, WWII ★★★☆☆

An in a heavily wooded area in a Norwegian National Park, a group of urban explorers discovered a bunker dating back to the Second World War. The group managed to make their way into the rather large wooden construction and discover lots of abandoned military equipment. The explorers were, however, evacuated from the site before they could really explore all of the potential in the bunker.

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☢ Bunker helps out during World War 2 ☢

This site searches WW2-era bunkers, searches the world to see what's underground now.

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History world war 2 bunkers cold war ★★★★★

Enter the world of abandoned military bunkers and mysterious crypts, this Mayday is missing something... jump in and get jumpy.

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Abandoned & Underground Bunker ★★★★☆

These Pallets Will Never Leave This Abandoned Bunker...

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Exploring abandoned Cold War bunkers ★★★★☆

The original purpose of this bunker was to provide a safe haven for the resistance in the event of nuclear war. Now, this bunker, previously considered lost to time, is about to be rediscovered by an urban explorer.

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⚛ The bunker was built in 1942 ⚛

Explore what was abandoned by the Nazis during the war, an abandoned World War II bunker. Underground urban explorers can meet up to 10 people with room for 24 to 35 dollars.

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Abandoned nuclear bunker, explore urban areas ⚠️

Sites of former missile bases, missile silos, airplane parts, ammunition storage caches, bunkers, research centers, nuclear launch controls, detention centers, fallout shelters, military hospitals—these are some of the remnants of America's Cold War defense effort.

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