Vereniging: Vrienden Van De Natuur

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Vereniging: Vrienden van de natuur. Vertrouw op je lichaam en de genezende kracht van de natuur



Naturopathy Believes that each of the diseases arise because of accumulation of morbid matter in the human body and when such matter is removed by some means, it paves the way for the cure or relief. It also believes that the human body has inherent self-constructing and self-healing powers.

Naturopathy was practiced in ancient Greece (400 BC). Dr. Benedict Lust is thought of as the founder of modern-day naturopathy who practiced the art of natural healing and introduced it in the US in 1892. Dr Lust established the American School of Naturopathy in 1902.

Naturopathy is a form Of alternative medicine where natural medications are used for healing. It uses a holistic approach to cure a disease. Naturopathy looks at illness as a kind of healing.

Its focus is always on healing and health rather than the disease. Naturopathy was practiced more widely in the US than in other countries, from the early 20th century.

Naturopathy involves alterations of diet, lifestyle, and similar organic ways to cure the person.

Naturopathy Is a method of healing science stimulating the body's inherent power to recover health with the help of five great elements of character.

Naturopathy Is a call to"Return to Nature" and to resort to a simple way of living in harmony with itself, society and environment.

Medical doctor Educating Naturopathy comprehends the body, soul and mind of a person first and then decides about the treatment. Naturopathy focuses mainly on two areas - the healing ability of a human body and the lifestyle of someone.

Naturopathy takes a holistic view of the health. It Considers all factors responsible for diseases such as -- maybe not so natural habits in living, working, sleeping, relaxation, thinking, sexual indulgence, etc..
It also considers the situational & environmental factors that disturb the normal functioning of the body and lead it to a morbid, weak and toxic condition.

Naturopathy focuses on fixing all the Factors involved in the disease condition and allow the body to recover itself. Naturopath can help in Nature's attempt to treat disease by applying correct modalities and regulating the natural forces to work within safe limits.

The five main methods of therapy are air, water, Heat, mud and distance. (Panchamahabhutas - five natural elements in Ayurveda).

A number of the major principles of Naturopathy:

1. Basic cause of disease is a morbid matter. Bacteria develop after the accumulation of morbid matter in the body. This creates a favorable condition for bacteria to develop.
2. Chronic diseases are the consequence of wrong treatment and suppression of the acute diseases.
3. Nature is the best healer. Body has the capability to prevent itself from diseases. Body also regains health obviously if handled with naturopathy.
4. Patient is treated in Naturopathy and not the disease.
5. Nature Cure treats a patient simultaneously at all four levels-physical, psychological, social (moral) and religious.
6. Naturopathy believes in -- "Food is Medicine."

Naturopathy Does not follow one road to great health. This approach includes a wide array of non-invasive methods and therapies.

There are lots of approaches followed in Naturopathy. Major ones are as follows:

1. Water Therapy/Hydrotherapy: This is the most ancient of all of the remedial agents. It produces several types of physiological effects based on temperature and duration.

2. Air Therapy: Good health requires fresh air. Air therapy is used in various pressures and temperatures, in many different disease conditions.

3. Fire Therapy: Here Various temperatures are used through variety of heating techniques. These techniques produce different specific effects.

4. Fasting Therapy: Clogging causes disease. Fasting is the best treatment to remove clogging in body and mind.

5. Mud Therapy: Mud absorbs, dissolves and eliminates the toxins and rejuvenates the body. It is employed in treatment of different diseases like constipation, skin diseases, etc..

6. Food -Remedy: Your food is your medicine. This is the main motto of Nature Cure.

7. Massage Therapy: Massage acts as tonic & stimulant. It makes a sedative effect. It's an effective substitute for exercise.

8. Acupressure: Different points on hands, body and feet are associated with several other organs. If pressure is applied on these selected points, related organs can be cured of their ailments.

9. Magneto Therapy: South and North poles of magnets of different shapes and powers are employed in therapy. Magnets are applied directly on various areas of the body. Charged water or oil is also utilized in magneto therapy.

10. Chromo therapy: Seven colors of Sun (violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange and red) are employed through irradiation or body or by administering charged water, pills and oil for treatment.

Naturopathy Takes time to cure diseases but most of the time it ends in successful results. However, you need concentration, dedication and belief to Attain the best results in naturopathy.